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Blend Challenge

you know you want to...

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Blend Challenge Community
Welcome to the first Live Journal blend challenge community! My name is Michelle (virginhuntress and I am your new moderator. Catherine (aka: _epilogue)will still be around to help co-moderate this community, so don't worry, she's not going anywhere. :) We hold weekly challenges here of things requested by the members. Don't know what blends are? Then just go on over to Blendorama and check it out. If you love blending or just making graphics, then go ahead and join. I make awards each week for the winners to use however they like. First, second, and third places are always given out with the chance of more, depending on how many entries are received. Every challenge will be up for one week and the winners will be posted the same day the new challenge goes up. When the winners are posted YOU can comment on what you want the following challenge to be. So have fun and tell your friends! Rules follow.

The Rules
1. Your image cannot be larger than 500 x 500 pixels. (I am not strict on this rule, but please do not send me a blend that 800x700 or something like that unless we are having a desktop contest...)
2. You must use AT LEAST 2 of the pictures provided. You may not use your own pictures unless otherwise specified.
3. You can only submit ONE blend per challenge.
4. Text is fine, as long as it is not TOO offensive.
5. Submit your image in .JPG, .GIF or .PNG only!
6. Save the image as the challenge # and your name so for example for the first challenge on Britney Spears I would save it as 1-BritneySpears.jpg or gif. or .png.
7. Please upload them to your own server and send me the link. If you do not have a spot to upload to, contact me.
8. Send all submissions to blend_comm@yahoo.com. Have your Live Journal user name, your real name, and the link sent to me. This is very important if you want to win! I need to know whose is whose!


Link To Us
Want to be affiliates? Then e-mail me and let me know! Take any of the following buttons (or make your own!) and link back to http://www.livejournal.com/~blend_challenge.