Michou (virginhuntress) wrote in blend_challenge,

So, so sorry!

Once vacation is over, I will be having a new challenge. I know that it seems like I haven't cared about this community, but that isn't so...finals plus the holidays have made it hard for me, and at home I dont' have the access to post pictures.

I've already been given the idea to have Switchfoot as our next challenge, and it sounds great (though hard to find pics for lol) and I was hoping that others will give me other specific topics. I really want everyones imput on this, so that I can please as many people as I can.

The new challenge will be up on January 18, 2005 in the afternoon, so get ready to challenge yourselves!

P.S. Would anyone be excited about having a Phantom of the Opera challenge? I just saw the film a week ago, and fell in love with it.... it was just such a visually stunning film. :)
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