my_heart_chases (my_heart_chases) wrote in blend_challenge,

Lindsay Lohan Awards

A huge thanks to Jara for making the awards for both challenges! <33

Breathtaking Goes To: aery

Beautiful blend. I love the softness to it and the text is lovely and matches well.

Gold Goes To: graphics_

I really like the color combination you used on this blend and overlay on the blend also.

Silver Goes To: heartwire

This blend is really simple, but I really think you did a great job on the blending.

Bronze Goes To: antlermoose

The coloring on this is really pretty and I like the size of the blend. Great job.

One Of A Kind Goes To: sparkee_markee

This blend is simple, but I can tell that you did do some effects on it. I like the size, and the pictures you chose... Great job.
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